Goddess Skin Clay Mask by Charlotte Tilbury

A face mask that makes you feel like a Goddess? Yes, please! 

The latest addition to Charlotte Tilbury's skincare range is her Goddess Skin Clay Mask which she created based on an ancient Mediterranean beauty recipe combining both Spanish clay with sweet almond oil giving you the feeling of baby skin. 

Firstly, this clay mask smells delicious so I feel like it's a treat every time I use it. I incorporated this mask into my skincare regime a couple of months ago and have been using it when I feel like my skin is tired and needs a pick me up. 

I apply a thin layer all over my face, neck and décolletage being careful to avoid the delicate eye area and wait for about 10 minutes before I remove it with a warm muslin cloth. Afterwards my skin feels more plumper, glowing and softer - it truly makes me feel like I've just had the best facial, getting myself ready for a red carpet appearance; which isn't a bad thing right? :-)


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