MAC Pigments & Glitter

Did anyone get a hold of the MAC Object Of Affection Pigment and Glitter sets last Christmas? 

They came in three different colour stories; silver and blue, pink and rose and gold and beige. 

The set I picked up was gold and beige and it included the following four pigments; Lithe (nude beige), English Gilt (antique gold), Pretty It Up (taupe with gold specks), Deep Brown (matte chocolate brown) and glitter in Gold (sparkly gold glitter).

Even though I had this since December I only used it for the first time last week (I're probably thinking is she crazy! but I was waiting for a special occasion ;-)) because I wanted a smokey brown golden eye with sparkle. 

Firstly, I applied NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base on to my eyelids and then started layering the pigments on top. Lithe all over my lids, Pretty It Up on the crease, Deep Brown on the corners to add definition, English Gilt on the inner corner of my eyes and pressed the Gold glitter on the top of my lids in the centre to add that sparkle! Across my upper lash line I smudged Deep Brown over a brown kohl pencil and on my lower lash line I went with Pretty It Up just to give it that smokey eye feel. Lashings of black mascara finished the look. 


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