Rouge Dior Brilliant

I always look forward to seeing what new things, Peter Philips the Creative Director for Dior Makeup creates every season. This time he has in my opinion re-created in a so much better way the lip lacquer gloss. 

The Rouge Dior Brilliant Lipshine & Care Couture Colour comes in 12 different shades that match quite nicely with the Rouge Dior lipsticks so you can add even more vibrancy to your lips. As the name suggests 'Couture' these lipshines are serious couture for your lips - they are nourishing thanks to the lipcare oil and the pen-like applicator dispenses the right amount onto your lips and helps guide your application for perfectly shaped lips. 

My favourites from this collection are: 999 a Hollywood red, 310 Paname a nude beige, 359 Miss a candy pink and 760 Times Square a deep rosy pink (pictured here). 


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